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whitelist darklight98 - darklight98 - 13-10-2015

In game name: darklight98
Country: Brazil
Age: 17
Describe your personality: calm, I like to discover new things (techs), shy, determined.
How much experience do you have with Feed The Beast and/or minecraft mods?: Used to play a lot, but school took most of my time, now I am kinda outdated on those mods.
How did you find this server / community?: It came with my TechnoFirmaCraft server list.
Did anyone invite you to the server, if so who?: No, nobody.
Which mod packs are you most interested in?: TechnoFirmaCraft only.

RE: whitelist darklight98 - dexman545 - 16-10-2015

Technofirma is an open server, no need for a whitelist.