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Please read. - EvilSaint141 - 01-11-2015

idk what I am doing so.....

In game name: EvilSaint141

Country: United Kingdom - England

Age: 17

Describe your personality: Mature, A quite helpful person willing to help anyone who needs help. Gets angry quite easily.

How much experience do you have with Feed The Beast and/or minecraft mods?: I have had quite a bit of experience with mods from Technicpack Launcher packs.

How did you find this server / community?: I was searching up 'Minecraft skydiving mod' on google and found a comment saying "can i use this mod in my Technofirma modpack?" (or something like that) and found a comment on dex's modpack page saying " We now have a Technofirma server!
IP: mc.darkserver.co.uk:25566" and this is it.

Did anyone invite you to the server, if so who?: Naturally found it.

Which mod packs are you most interested in? Hexxit, Tekkit, Direwolf20 and Technofirma.

RE: Please read. - dexman545 - 02-11-2015

You don't need a whitelist to play on the Technofirma server. It is public, and you should be able to join as soon as you install the pack.

Welcome to DarkserverUK!