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Recipes - 31415926535897 - 18-05-2016


As of what I know, some of the items in modpacks such as IC2 are unobtainable. The crafting recipes are a major reason. Because I am currently at a boarding school, and I am not able to bring my desktop with me, I am not able to load up the modpack and go through all the needed recipes. I will post an update on which recipes are needed or recommended. May I have a confirmation on that the modpack authors know about this?


RE: Recipes - dexman545 - 19-05-2016

Yes, as the only pack author, I am aware of this issue. Some aspects of Technofirma are WIP.

RE: Recipes - 31415926535897 - 05-06-2016

I have created a google doc for the missing recipes, or recipes that needs worked on. Anyone can comment on this. I am planning on enabling dex and lashtear to edit the document.