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Technofirma passive mobs attacking me on sight?
05-09-2016, 07:15 PM,
RE: Technofirma passive mobs attacking me on sight?
(25-08-2016, 10:43 PM)PJSanderson Wrote: Thanks for the reply.

So is it possible to domesticate chickens? The males so far are the only ones that have attacked. Do they stop when you put a lead on them or can you right click and feed them even if they are aggro-ing on you?

I discovered what the issue was. If you move too close to an animal mob that is not familiar with you, you can get "bumped" for low damage. I approached animals in the wild, did no damage to them, but got "bumped" Similarly, the pigs I was domesticating also bumped me before I attempted to slaughter one.

Problem is, you go to slaughter one animal and the rest of the herd all try to stomp you into the dust. The whole herd stays aggroed until you leave the chunk.

If there were a feature to remove for an upcoming version of the pack, I would nominate that one. I'm not sure what the intent was but I can't imagine it was to make animal husbandry a blood-sport Big Grin

Unless it was Confused

I'm not familiar with the Herd mod, but if it has a config switch to make animals scatter rather than simply mob you, that would be the one I would use...otherwise I would leave it off for animal mobs and on for hostile mobs...just my two cents.

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