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Searching for Lore Writers
26-10-2015, 04:25 AM,
Searching for Lore Writers
Next update I am adding ruins to the game. I will be adding Lore Expansion to provide back story, and explain why you are the only life left in a world filled with the undead. I am looking for people to write lore for the pack. Please post your submissions in this thread.

Lore Expansion:
30-10-2015, 05:41 PM, (This post was last modified: 31-10-2015, 12:28 AM by MazloApex.)
RE: Searching for Lore Writers
Deep research into dark matter led scientists to realms of reality beyond what we as humans could ever comprehend. You are the last remaining survivor of our planet devastated by the result of scientific experimentation on dark matter. You are an engineer for a new lab looking to create sustainable oxygen from plant life on the International Space Station. While scientists exposed concentrated forms of dark matter to the rarity of life on Earth, our primary species became overrun by mutant forms of undead beings. Quickly this potent, destructive cocktail of life and lifeless matter took out cities first, and you watched as the lights of all the world’s mecca infrastructures dim into darkness. People who fled into the wilderness survived for some time, as did your crew. Your survival for so long is due to the work you were sent to space to achieve, you are the last human being alive. Only now, supporting life in space is no longer an option – who goes up, must come down…
14-12-2015, 02:33 AM,
RE: Searching for Lore Writers
From the look of the mod, it'd be ideal for recovered journal pages-- some of the original inhabitants, and perhaps some from previous failed expeditions...

20th Spring, 854.

After an unseasonably rough voyage, we've finally found land. Our other three remaining ships still sail steadily in view, but our hopes were crushed when we saw the wreck of the Coralline on the coast. Treacherous reefs and forbidding cliffs make our approach a delicate matter, but the captain assures me we'll moor the ship in a bay to the north, then land in our smaller boats. If we can find materials rapidly enough, we can try to find any survivors. I'm not holding much hope, given the look of the ship.

23rd Spring, 854.

We've settled in a small bivouac near the harbor; the crew rapidly assembled a wooden palisade, though there has been no sign of natives or dangerous wildlife yet. The pheasants are delicious and the water sweet. I worry about our small wooden outpost, though-- each morning, we see fires in the woods. Small, lively things; they move unlike fires and thus far have left the trees unscathed. None are certain what they might mean, and one of our scouts is already late returning. Once the Harrietta's crew joins us tomorrow, we should be able to mount a rescue. As the boats cannot reach the Coralline safely and we are so few, we're staying huddled in our hovels, waiting for the rain to end. For now, I must be content studying the plants for my research...

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