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Suggestions and Contributions
03-10-2015, 09:15 PM, (This post was last modified: 22-10-2015, 11:22 AM by darkrising.)
Suggestions and Contributions
Post any ideas, suggestions, or contribution in this thread, explaining why you want something, how it could be done and/or submitting it as a contribution
04-10-2015, 05:48 AM,
RE: Suggestions and Contributions
There are a few things that I think would add alot to gameplay and possibly promote more advanced gameplay, particularly with regards to metalworking. I may just be oblivious to some things, but wouldn't hurt to mention, especially if i'm not alone
1) Better implementation of the rolling machine into metal working. There are a few minor recipe additions/tweaks that could make this an integral part of industry, i personally would like to see it able to produce metal sheets to promote armor smithing in terms of tfc specific metals (2 ingots make a sheet, and 2 sheets make a double sheet). this would reduce a substantial amount of labor and would still require working the forge so its no gimme, also the infrastructure needed for powering it and tech level for the machine would balance out the short term benefits so advanced players would use it mostly.
1.2) make recipes that allow for impurities to be mechanically beat out of ingots on the rolling machine (high carbon steel, pig iron etc.) to simulate more modern machinery that works iron irl. i would assume having to wait for the item to reheat in the forge for smithing afterwards and power for the machine a trade off for not damaging a hammer
2)Config arcane bellows to interact with tfc forge and blast furnace like tfc bellows, stimulates more diverse use of mods and would be welcomed beyond belief for the mundane task
3)Add mod request, something that has red stone logic circuitry and wires that cling to non horizontal surfaces like red power 2 (might not be up to date or applicable but project red?) would make for complex/immersive base design later on, wouldn't require the computercraft wannabe we have to do simple stuff where the biggest constraint is space
4)Update some thaumcraft recipes, there are some golems i want to try and use for mundane chores like using the loom for example (or working the bellows like the arcane version previously mentioned) but cant make the cores for as the tfc counterparts to vanilla ingredients wouldn't work (atleast i havent tried seeing if they would as nei says no to stuff like the flint and steel)
5)Possible oversight on my part or the pack but is there a way to get slime balls/sticky pistons, needed for extraction tubes and other minor stuff, i'd just assume craft resin from EA into slimeballs if you need a way to implement
04-10-2015, 11:34 AM,
RE: Suggestions and Contributions
we got some slimeballs, don't recall where we got them from though.

Already mentioned this yesterday in chat, but for easier finding back: The 3rd task in home decorating (bibliocraft bookcase picture in HQM book) has unknown item to detect.

- Nomo
15-12-2015, 11:39 AM,
RE: Suggestions and Contributions
It'd be neat to have more things to do with textiles.

In particular, clothes! Handy as a weak armor, perhaps? Leather boots with minor speed buff? Padded leather boots with slightly extended falling range before taking damage? OpenBlocks style hang-glider, or a wingsuit so we can go basediving?

Perhaps... fish nets? (For fishing, not clubbing, ew)

Easier (or more varied) ways of getting ink -- perhaps charcoal dust + water + some binder agent like eggs. Or more squids, because geez they are tough to find.

Cloth-bound books.

A gentler way to get Arcane Stone or similar for Blood Alchemy slates-- that isn't super far into Thaumcraft's tree, but without ready access to those pretty towers, it's a formidable barrier. And I'd feel awful taking apart those towers even if they were spawning more frequently.

A way to warm or cool locations, so that we can e.g. have heated greenhouses and grow endless sugarcane in the icy north.

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