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  Problems with agriculture - seeds dying
Posted by: Dask_BR - 15-09-2015, 08:04 PM - Forum: Technofirma - Replies (4)

hello Dex
It is happening something strange in the plantations, to become mature after a while they are dying.

To die seeds are not getting on the floor, they are simply disappearing.

I remember that in previous versions the seeds were attached to the ground in case of death.

How can we not always online is to reap the seeds we will lose with time.

I suggest you change it in the config TFC:

    # Set to true to enable crop death from old age. [default: false]
    B: enableCropsDie = true(Current)

    B: enableCropsDie = false


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  Storage system / Automations in technofirma Server
Posted by: Dask_BR - 14-09-2015, 03:23 PM - Forum: Technofirma - Replies (1)

I tried using BuildCraft more without Enginer options can not pull the items from the chests.
The BC enginer of income are removed.

- Is there any possibility to use the central bank to carry items and fluids?

- The mods Imessive enginers possess compatibility with the ElectricalAge? I tried a way to light a lamp using energy of Immersive enginers and have not had success

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  Looking for Testers
Posted by: dexman545 - 12-09-2015, 05:44 AM - Forum: Technofirma - No Replies

This thread will occasionally have mod(s) that I am currently testing, and who's possible inclusion requires community feedback.

I am looking for people to test BetterFPS in the current version of the pack. If you wish to do so, please make sure your settings match these, and that you test with all the different possible algorithms. Please report which algorithm had the most increase in performance, and the least. 

Thank you,


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  Questions about the server rules.
Posted by: Dask_BR - 11-09-2015, 11:59 AM - Forum: Technofirma - Replies (1)

Questions about the server rules:

Despite the server have no protection pluguin it is known that it is not allowed to steal and griefing. But how far will be recorded as griefing?

Ex: I make a mine all structured with brackets, with access stairs etc .... Any other player can access this mine and collect the minerals that are in it?

If such exploitation by other players my structure with beam supports are destroyed by a landslide?

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  Market in server - Suggestions
Posted by: Dask_BR - 10-09-2015, 06:46 PM - Forum: Technofirma - Replies (3)

I would propose that topic to open a way to trade on the server.

It would be interesting to have an area close to the spawn which would be built a market where everyone could put their items to sell or trade.

NOTE: The modpack longer provides a addon Merchants which can be used for this

The construction could be done by the players in cooperative.

Suggestions are welcome.

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  Automated ingot production
Posted by: Dask_BR - 08-09-2015, 12:13 PM - Forum: Technofirma - Replies (3)

Hello I was quite curious for the item "added automated ingot production". I searched the internet and found nothing facing the TFC.

If possible someone could explain how it works?

Thank you

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  Impatience and how to log in pre-hotfix
Posted by: Big_Bear91 - 29-08-2015, 08:11 AM - Forum: Technofirma - Replies (6)

As we all impatiently wait for ftb to approve the 2.12.1 hotfix i started mucking about in the files to try and log on with the 2.12.0 client, I changed several things along the way but managed to get to the point i can log in. I need to have somone reproduce it but essentially i downloaded the files forwarded to ftb
link:      build.darkserver.co.uk/job/technofirma/
and swapped out the changed files, look at the changelog for details

and also altered the microblock config file
1) hit edit modpack on the launcher -> Open Folder -> go up 1-2 levels and search microblocks
2) open microblocks.cfg and add line
no additional info, just on  clean line

I had made other changes along the way to attempt a fix but believe these are the main factors, i need someone else who is impatient to try as i am understandably unwilling to alter my fixed version and need to try and run and claim dex's prized mountains for the lols


Important: seems there are server bugs that need fixing before we can go at it proper, i think i crashed the server by knaping an axe as odd as that sounds. i would like to know from dex if he has these issues too with his original files prior considering this a viable fix

Please note that while potentially useful, this is an older topic and may not reflect changes that occur past the original hotfix in question, use at own risk, check for fixes in other threads that may be more up to date (Bear -Sep. 4)

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  Logging on to server
Posted by: dutchcook - 24-08-2015, 10:55 AM - Forum: Technofirma - Replies (15)

Hey guys,

So idk if its me, if i'm just impatient or what. I downloaded the new pack and tried to log onto the server it gives the following error:

The following microblocks are not installed on this client: tile.water

Any help would be appreciated!


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  Errors, Broken things, and Glitches
Posted by: dexman545 - 17-08-2015, 04:06 AM - Forum: Technofirma - Replies (81)

Please post all broken recipes, glitches, and bugs you have found with Technofirma! Also, make sure to read all previous posts and not to double up on reports!

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  Fix for NEI Bug
Posted by: Big_Bear91 - 16-08-2015, 03:12 AM - Forum: Technofirma - Replies (3)

The recent bug where the GUI for NEI disappears and cannot be accessed in the Technofirma modpack has been fixed by several people the following way:

1) open the folder containing the jar files for your client for technofirma (with the pack selected in the ftb launcher go to edit pack, then open folder) and locate the the NotEnoughItems-1.7.10- and CodeChickenCore-1.7.10-

2) download replacements from the internet, they MUST BE THE SAME FILE, newer versions will not inherently work as they are not the default with this pack.

3) delete the originals installed with the pack by default and replace with the fresh downloads

4) start up your client and first create and enter a fresh single player world to verify this has fixed NEI

5) should now be fixed for multiplayer use

if issues continue there is another fix found by another player, ask in-game about it if necessary.

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