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Technofirma Meet and Greet
06-12-2015, 10:43 PM,
RE: Technofirma Meet and Greet
Should probably post here....

Ello, I am Dex, and I make Technofirma and admin the server for it. I live on the East coast of the U.S.A. I have been making Technofirma for over a year now, and have been making MC mod packs even longer.
10-12-2015, 01:26 AM,
RE: Technofirma Meet and Greet
Elexorien here,

I first started playing on the server in September or October (2015), and have been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.4 or 1.5.
Currently working on updating and maintaining the Technofirma mod contained in the pack.
17-12-2015, 11:52 PM,
RE: Technofirma Meet and Greet
Hello! i am monkeycars and a few months ago i used to play a lot, but i recently joined the air force and just got out of basic a month ago, and just now got a laptop, so i will be playing hopefully sometime soon on my off days during my schooling Smile missed this server, love the challenging mod pack, tried taming 2 bears and getting a cub, that will be my new objective when i am back. played like a year ago, andd on and off a bit. been playing a lot of minecraft a while back and quit for lack of good mods, this is a whole new game and i give you many much props
08-01-2016, 08:17 PM,
RE: Technofirma Meet and Greet
hello I am zerolink42 I have been play in the technofirma server for about 4/5 weeks and really like the community so this is my hello to all you know me and to thous that do not.
24-03-2016, 06:32 AM,
RE: Technofirma Meet and Greet
Hei! I am 31415926535897 (314 or pi for short). My first encounter with technofirma was in December of 2015. I can usually play only when I am on breaks (I go to a boarding school). Even so, I am hooked to the server.
03-06-2016, 05:21 PM,
RE: Technofirma Meet and Greet
Just started playing here, been playing TFC for a couple years and have a co-op Youtube series on it (among other things). I'm a retired computer tech living in British Columbia, west coast of Canada. Really enjoying the community, pack and server! Smile
24-08-2016, 05:10 PM,
RE: Technofirma Meet and Greet
Hi there Smile

In-game name PJSanderson.

Just found the server and have spent a few hours wandering around the winter landscape...

I slapped up the start of a cabin now that the server is into April. Hoping to meet a few other players...and I can't tell if that is my stomach grumbling or if the bears are waking up Huh

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